Our Services

Cladding Installations

A major part of Kiwi Cladding’s role is installation. Having worked hard to achieve your cladding requirements to your precise specifications, we like to ensure the panels are installed with equal precision, for a stunning finished project.

All cladding is shipped from our factory, refinished with a protective plastic coating which is not removed till after installation is complete. Our highly experienced team then install all the panels, focusing on smooth and efficient installation, a seamless finish and weatherproof joints. They are well-versed in dealing with any challenges an installation building project can throw at them.

The last stage is the ‘unveiling’ of the finished project as we peel off the plastic coating and reveal the completed work in all its glory.

Architectural Services

Kiwi Cladding knows all the ins and outs of cladding materials. Work closely with our team during your planning stages and we can help you achieve your design goals more efficiently and cost-effectively. There are a number of ways Kiwi Can, can assist your architectural design process.

We offer a wealth of product knowledge and specifications. Our in-house designers can help you understand the unique properties of the cladding products and they’d love to talk to you about creating that extraordinary design. Send us your drawings and our Quantity Surveyor will provide millimetre accurate sizing and quotations.

We can cut, roll form, groove and manipulate cladding for all kinds of internal and external applications. Consider our cladding for how it could be used to make a signature statement. Our cladding range comes in a wide range of standard colours, or we can order out of the ordinary colours if we know well in advance.

Project/Site Management

In most applications, the cladding is one of the final exterior installations on a site. But it is often integral to various parts of the construction process and as such, needs to be incorporated into the total project in a timely fashion. Kiwi Cladding will work with the construction company, contractors and subcontractors to achieve every installation within the planned timeframe.

Global Reach

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is an ideal material for use in coastal environments, one of the reasons perhaps why Kiwi Cladding installations can be found in Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea as well as New Zealand.

The other and perhaps more important reason is the reputation this company has built in the Pacific region for delivering stunning results on time and on budget. And the reason why renowned, large-scale, international construction companies and business organisations such as Fletchers South Pacific, CA Bella Pacific Construction, the ANZ Banking Group Ltd (Solomon Islands) and many more can be found on Kiwi Cladding’s client list.

Product Services

Kiwi Cladding uses only the highest grade cladding and Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) composite materials for all its projects, as we believe you need to start with quality raw materials to achieve the high-quality results we demand of ourselves. We import only from suppliers that meet strict quality assurance standards.

Composite materials has so many great properties it can be used for a huge range of applications, many of which our clients are only just discovering. Part of our role is to show you how many great ways our cladding can be used.

Although we are happy to supply flat sheets to customers, we typically cut, roll, form, groove or CNC route to precise specifications, then supply to the site and complete installation. All PVDF exterior sheets come with a 10-year warranty.